How to choose the best freight?

Air or ocean freight – which is better?


  1. The speed. Air transport is way faster. That's out of the question. So, choosing ocean freight is not too much of a great idea, if you have to transport perishables, for instance. In fact, ocean shipping might even take almost a month. When you choose air transport, though, your cargo will be delivered in a day or two, though.

  2. Carrying capacity. Seemingly, ocean freight lost many points when we considered speed only. However, many a time, your business may require you to transfer huge cargo. Here, ships clearly take the lead. Their carrying capacity is usually way larger than it is the case with planes.

  3. Reliability. Air or ocean freight – which is better? If you want to transfer valuable materials, safety comes as a really important factor. When you look at accident statistics, you'll certainly see that both forms of transport are pretty much reliable (compared with road freight, for instance.) If you want to be totally sure that your cargo is safe, it might be a good idea to choose ocean freight. Even though we hear about ships being hijacked by African pirates, don't forget that planes crash too. And the latter is, statistically speaking, much more likely to happen.

  4. Money. Every business discussion inevitably reaches that point. Here, the debate over air or ocean freight – which is better, takes a rather surprising turn. Did you know that air freight might be even cheaper than ship freight? This is due to two different methods of counting the cargo's final price. Most stuff carried on ships is kept in containers. This means, regardless of the size, you'll have to pay for the whole container. At the same time, airline carriers consider both the cargo's weight and size. In a word, if you have smaller load to carry, air freight could be a much better option.


Air or ocean freight – which is better? It all depends on your needs. In case you have to deliver the goods quickly, the former option is a great choice. Also, before you make the final decision, sit for a while and make the calculations. At the same time, ships are a great option, when carrying capacity is concerned.

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